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Business Intelligence for the Pick Database

BI Analytic Reporting Fast and Easy.

Autocube easily migrates selective data files from your Ultimate, Universe, Unidata, Jbase, or Pick database into the powerful reporting world of Business Intelligence. Most businesses still processing in the Pick enviroment have heavily modified their software applications to fit their business needs. They spent many dollars and hours to get it just right. In order to keep your IT investment efficient you must surround your Pick application with more current Value Add Products. AutoCube is just that product.

The usage of Business Intelligence for analytical reporting needs, drastically speeds up Managements daily access to vital sales and business trends.

Knowing what to stock, how much to stock, Who's Buying, who not buying what, core returns, Product line rebates, This requires a great deal of on going effort and a reporting tool that gives that information Fast and Easy!

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AutoCube BI - Pick Database

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