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Business Intelligence: AutoCube

AutoCube Business Intelligence Sales, Product, and Inventory Report Analyzer: Business is moving faster than ever. To keep pace, decision makers need to respond quickly and effectively. AutoCube Sales Analyzer combines built-in sales and marketing intelligence with a central, integrated information source for unprecedented analytical power. Information regarding Automotive Aftermarket. CLICK NOW.

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AutoCube warehouses your entire sales invoice history to enable in-depth queries that help you stay informed, research problems, evaluate performance, stay on budget, and much more. Now you can rapidly and effectively analyze millions of part transactions daily.

The power of AutoCube Sales Analyzer comes from Microsoft CUBE technology, Microsoft’s industry-leading online analytical processing (OLAP) engine for large-scale business intelligence solutions. This sophisticated technology allows AutoCube to provide an affordable and powerful solution to organizations of all sizes.

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The Right Data at the Right Time
AutoCube Sales Analyzer helps you quickly identify and leverage the most important business information—answers hidden within the data. You can examine customer sales and product line data from 15 different perspectives. That level of specificity allows you to identify critical factors and discover GP trends, pinpointing the cause of a downward spiral or a successful upward bump.

Unlike traditional tools, AutoCube streamlines the analytical process to achieve greater efficiency, saving time and money. Other systems may require you to scrutinize several different reports to get at the answers you need. AutoCube allows you to analyze a problem directly, drill down as needed, change a view on the fly, identify your solution, and print a single report.

Free the Sales Team
Oftentimes, your sales team is forced to use weeks-old data prepared for them by IS. AutoCube Sales Analyzer frees business users from relying on IS to generate and distribute reports. Whereas IS can spend hours to generate a single report, which is old before it’s distributed, AutoCube allows sales people to independently, instantly access live data to make critical on-the-fly business decisions.

What is it worth for your sales team to have complete customer sales history, right at their fingertips, right at the time of need? The impact is immeasurable. Knowledgeable salespeople are better prepared to respond strategically at the moment of sale, managing concerns, overcoming price objections, handling discount requests, and completing more profitable deals.

AutoCube Advantage
AutoCube is easy to learn and use, so your sales team can be up to speed in no time, using timely, reliable data for better sales success. It used to be that reports created more questions than answers. AutoCube now raises the questions for you and then answers them at the same time.

AutoCube helps you stay on budget by allowing you to continuously monitor activity to achieve sales targets. Want to better understand and respond to your customers’ buying habits? AutoCube tells you who’s buying what and when. Now you can view trends by watching purchase behavior from several vantage points (e.g., product numbers, product lines, regular purchases, customer GP). You can even view sales by the time of day in half-hour increments.

Here a few advantages AutoCube offers you:

• Achieve greater inventory control. AutoCube reduces borrowing cost based on three turns per year.
• Increase market share. Accelerate GP% for improved competitiveness.
• Rapidly identify pricing pressures. Discover where you are losing sales and where you can recover.
• Reduce costly product returns. You can quickly analyze product returns to curb wasted freight charges. For example: If the average return ratio is 3% for a product line and AutoCube is showing 5%, you can precisely identify the problem product.

Popular Data Dimensions:
We data warehouse over 70 data fields per transaction.
• Customer
• Customer Type
• Customer Category
• Salesmen
• Counter Writer
• Store Location
• Time of Day
• Day
• Week
• Month
• Quarter
• Year
• Product Line
• Product Category
• Product Number
• Invoice Number
• Regions
• And more…

Column Measurements:
• Units Sold
• Dollar Value Cold
• Average Selling Price
• Product Cost
• Gross Profit
• GP Percentage
• And more…>

Sample Queries:
Built in flexibility allows you to develop almost any type of drill down scenario.
• Region ; Product Line : Salesmen
• Salesmen ; Product Line : Product Number
• Salesmen ; Customer ; Product Line : Product Number
• Store/Location ; Order writer ; Time of Day
• Store/Location ; Product Lines

What do customers say about AutoCube? Just ask.

To find out how AutoCube can help you stay in control of your automotive financial future, contact us.

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